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Ricki’s PET DEPOT offers the best dog grooming services in the Farragut and Knoxville areas. We take pride in ensuring that your pet will have a good experience. This may mean we’ll take extra time with your pet to gain their trust. We will not force a procedure on a pet.

We believe the grooming experience should be a positive one. This is one reason why our pet grooming room is enclosed with glass so our customers can see our groomers at all times. You can be assured that every pet is treated with loving care.

Appointments are typically scheduled. We ask that pets arrive just prior to their scheduled appointment, if possible. Ricki’s PET DEPOT strives to provide the residents and the pets of Farragut, Knoxville and surrounding communities with the best service possible.

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Bath, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trim, Ears Cleaned & Plucked, Anal Glands Expressed, Spritz, Bow/Bandana, Haircut

Breed Size Starting Price
Toy (Under 7lbs) $55 – 75
Small (8-20lbs) $60 – 80
Medium (21-40lbs) $70 – 90
Large (41-60lbs) $80 – 100
X-Large (61-80lbs) $90 – 110
XX-Large (81-100lbs) $100 – 120
Giant (Over 100lbs) $110 – 130

* Add $20 – 40 for double-coated dogs.

** Possible extra charges, per groomer evaluation.


Bath, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trim, Ears Cleaned & Plucked, Anal Glands Expressed, Spritz, Bow/Bandana

Breed Size Starting Price
Toy (Under 7lbs) $30 – 40
Small (8-20lbs) $40 – 50
Medium (21-40lbs) $50 – 60
Large (41-60lbs) $60 – 70
X-Large (61-80lbs) $70 – 80
XX-Large (81-100lbs) $80 – 90
Giant (Over 100lbs) $90 – 100
Service Starting Price
Dematting (20 min. max) $2.00 per minute
Nail Grinding $5.00
Teeth Brushing $5.00
Skunk Bath $10.00
Flea Bath $15.00
Paw Cream $5.00
Handling Fee $10.00
Service Starting Price
Nails $10.00
Nail Grinding $15.00
Anal Glands $10.00
Service Starting Price
Skin Therapy

Oatmeal, Tea Tree, Medicated Shampoo, Remoisturizing Conditioner, Paw Soak

Best In Show

Coat Enhancing Shampoo, Remoisturizing Conditioner Wrap, Teeth Brush & Breath Freshener, Nail Filing

Pampered Pooch

Blueberry Facial, Exfoliating Shampoo, Detoxifying Mud Treatment, Paw Soak & Nail Filing

Service Starting Price

Nail Trim & File, Paw Shave/Shaping, Paw Balm

+ add Pawlish $3.00

Nail Trim & File, Ear Cleaning & Plucking, Mini Brush Out, Breath Freshener, Cologne & Bandana